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Eco-games top list: new “green” online games for the environment

Posted on: October 22, 2009


green world and ecological games

Some online games creators have realized many fun and educational flash games, to support the the environmental cause.
Here you can find the green online games top list.
I think these are among the cleverest flash games available online, because help people to “go green” and face many of the critical environmental issues of our time, such as sustainable way of life, energy savings and waste reduction. Green online games also give many tips and info about global warming and environmental pollution.
Online gaming industry endorsed environmental protection creating new ecological flash games to save the planet with the best weapons available: commitment and political activism.

All the green  flash games in the following online eco-games top list are free to play and share:

  • New York 2030, we’re in a futuristic scenario during a energy blackout: how can we survive and find a solution? This is the core mission of Switch, a fun online flash game that combines entertainment and environmental education.


  • The energy demand of the world biggest cities of the world is increasing; are you ready to find a better way to produce energy and build a sustainable future?
    and Electrocity are the best flash online games to challenge yourself with this big issue. Players can find different solutions: for example they can ban air conditioning from the public buildings to reduce the energy consumption, or build a new electrical plant using sustainable energy like sun and wind.


  • If you wanna learn all the issues and the factors that affect global warming Global Warming Interactive is the right online game for you; this educational flash game confront the global warming issue with political and economic decisions to show how deeply our wrong choices affect our environment.


  • Another interesting Green game is the BBC Climate Challenge: a strategy online game in which the player plays the role of the Europe President and has to make the right choices to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure food, water, electricity to the country without losing electoral support.


  • If you want to endorse animals cause you should play Mission: Migration; in this online game the player must help birds migrate safely, learning how human beheaviour can influence positively or negatively birds migration.


  • Every Year in New York people threw away 7 billion pounds of garbage. Can you create a new garbage plan for New York City? Play online the Garbage game and you’ll find out if you make the right choices in term of recycling and waste reduction.


  • But if you really want learn how to manage your waste, I really recommend you Sym Ep, a manga style online game in which players must or follow the recommendations of Ms. EP to reduce their impact on the environment.
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This is definitely a great move so that people’s eyes will be open on what is happening to our mother earth and be able to know what to do to help mother earth.

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