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A role game is a unique world where individuals put their skills to interpret a fiction plot and explore its hidden and tricky aspects, developing actions and strategies to became  “experts” users of their fantasy alter egos; strong and well shaped characters able to challenge all the dares of the game.


Role game has two different kinds of authority in its hierarchy:
The Dungeon Master and the players’ characters.
The Dungeon Master has the power to influence all the player’s choices in the game with the application of the rules. This kind of situation is similar to school dynamics of interactions , where the teacher can be viewed as a Dungeon master and the scholars as the players of the game; that’s why in a lot of educational contests, role game is often used to teach and develop students’ skills.
Role play is a builder mechanism of destiny, faith, mission, and players have to build deep competences and overcome hard  difficulties to win the prize of best in class.
Role play is an exactly metaphor of the real world where you have to be smart and work hard to obtain success in your professional and  personal life; for this reason role game can favourite a goal oriented personality and prepare young people to the harsh and difficulties of our modern society.
Pedagogies and Educators agree on the fact that a kid playing a role game can learn commitment and improve his interior strength and of course have a lot o fun.
I personally think that role game is a great educational tool especially for those teachers and parents that have to deal everyday with exuberant teenagers and problematic children.

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Brougère (Jeu et éducation 1995) defines different characteristics to identify a game:

  • Rules
  • Uncertain results
  • Decisions
  • Absence of consequences

The word parlour game itself has different meanings:
Parluor Game is the material; the boards, the dices and all the other objects of a game
Parlour Game is the structure; all the rules and mechanisms of the game.
Parlour Game is the action of playing, and each player acts in a particular way.
All games are based either on the relation between the player and the game, or on the playing dynamics among all the players.
This dual relationship always asks to the player a free and open state of mind to enjoy the real spirit of the game, its social activity, its open possibilities, and its unexpected journeys around our elementary social behavior.

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