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Construction toys and creative games encourage creativity, curiosity, manual abilities and meets the incredible thirst for knowledge of the human nature. In the past, due to the fragility of the materials used to make toys, we have few traces to identify a precise date for the invention of construction toys. One of the first appearance of constructions toys dates back to medieval times, around 1245, when a Franciscan monk, around 1245 , reported about an Arab game he had learned in the Holy Land, consisting of modular elements to form a sphere.

engino construction toys


Other historical finds and ancient books, prove the Arab origins of constructions toys and modular board games, usually composed of elements of geometric form. In 1500 constructions where not only toys, but olso ornamental building miniatures in the royal courts, a game of ability for jesters and a nice hobby for the ladies. In fact, in the Middle Age, constructions toys and other games where not designed for children but for adults. Read the rest of this entry »


Educational-Construction-ToysAmong the best educational toys ever invented for children we have construction toys: children love constructions toys, because they can alwais create something new mixing up the pieces, experimenting new shapes and using those creations to set-up fantasy games: cars ships, bridges, houses became in children’s games new playgrounds where the educational gaming approach always let the child learn and experiment something new.

With construction toys children can improve their visual skills, motor skills and start to understand the basics of pConstruction-toyshysics, and design.
Educational toys like constructions are always a good way to let the children face problem solving and a proactive thinking attitude.
Creativity and imagination are also well stimulated by educational construction toys and for every stage of the childhood there are different sets with different benefits for your children.
Construction sets are educational toys highly recommend by pedagogues and educators for all the children above 5 years old.

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