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Online games for kids top list: free educational flash games

Posted on: December 2, 2009

online games for children online

online games for kids

Nowadays Kids spend a lot of their time on internet, that’s why free online games can be a great educational tool and a precious resource for teachers and educators.
For this reason I decided to post this free online games top list, to flag some interesting and educational flash games websites found online. This is my personal free online games top list, but if you have other suggestions or you think I’ve missed some important resources feel free to add them in your comments.
All these free online games for kids listed below can help your children to improve different skills and abilities especially those regarding scholastic education.
Free educational online games are developed to support kids learning and help them to go deep to the earth of the school subjects (math, literature, reading and writing, history, geography, music, geometry).

The following websites provide online educational flash games for kids free to play and share:

fun and educational online games in flash technology, recommended for young ages
Online educational games for kids: an interactive adventure for children with different games divided per age (from 1 to 9 years)
The light bulb in the games room will help kids discover fun online games in flash technology.
Visual skills games and many other educational games suitable for children between 3 and 7 years.
An excellent collection of free online games for kids to improve attention and concentration.
For children from 0 to 10 years is a journey in with two funny mascots around musical games, jigsaws and puzzles, coloured shapes and many other fun educational games for kids.
The perfect place to learn math, language and creativity thanks to many online games for kids, selected according to different subject areas, cognitive development and the different age groups.
a very nice collection of interesting online games and recreational activities for kids.
a lot of educational games in this website where math, English and science practice is done with fun flash games for kids presented in different levels of difficulty. The access to the games is really intuitive, so kids can choose their favourite without parents’ help.
A world of games for children with funny characters and educational activities.
Online educational games for children organized per age groups.
Educational games for kids with an intuitive and funny approach to math and English language.
A collection of fun online games for preschool children designed to develop logical, linguistic and numerical skills.
A lot of learning flash games for kids to play online; games are organized in thematic trails. Very useful teaching tools.
Educational games, quizzes, e-cards, organized in categories and divided by age, for children aged 3 to 12 years (comments in English).
A selection of fun flash games to play online on Yahoo.
A web site to play games online and learn in a fun way. Free online games to learn math, language and other school subjects.
A collection of fun logic and strategy games for kids dedicated to children. Ages: 4 and 7 years old.

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28 Responses to "Online games for kids top list: free educational flash games"

Wow, thanks for the thorough list. The only one of these I’d heard of before was Poisson Rouge. I’m definitely going to check these out and see if I can get my daughter off the Disney Princess kick.

If you don’t mind TV-character-based games, has some nice games too.

Nice list but I think you should include ClubTuki site in your list they have cool games too and what makes it more interesting is they have auction there, gamers gain points by playing which can be used to bid for items like Wii and I-Pods. YourKidsClub is another game provider but this one provides games to be inserted in your own websites so that you’ll have you favorite games in one page and in your own site that can also attract visitors and can help in increasing your PageRank.

That’s great, your list is very good: I played your FUN4THEMIND game and it’s very interesting.

For a creative online coloring experience, you can also try ScrapColoring. Kids can color with gradients and colorful patterns. The combinations are not only endless, but most of them look very good too!

For a great interactive learning environment that is also fun, check out Its good for girls and boys. My kids love it.

Great websites! It is hard to find good children’s games that are fun and educational. Also games that do not have so much violence or sexual theme’s. These are great sites with some fantastic games.

Thanks a lot for this great list.

It is really hard to find safe and quality content for kids. cool physics-based games, logic and strategy games.

I prefer for my kids.

very nice listed, thanks for the info

I’m very pleased to have found your blog: filled with all of my favourite education hubs.

I have been meaning to tell you about a new maths resource that is one of my new favourite links, Although the site is new, it has a lot to offer and new maths games are being added frequently.

I have been using it in the classroom and for homework:


for kids i think all pysics games are nice but girls are more picky about dress games or sort of things…for us educcational math games are nice for kids but from their side they r really boring so only clean content of kids games are enough for em(no violance and psyco things)..

well nice point and nice links for parent who their kids spend time on net also for girls

Well thanks for the info friend.

good post, i like it, very useful, thanks

My kids mostly play flash games swfplay its a kids safe online games. its really cool that you have taken your time to list other websites too. hats off to you my friend.

very nice listed, thanks for the info

Thanks a lot for this great list.
It is really hard to find safe and quality content for kids.

Nice. i love it. My kids mostly play flash games swfplay its a kids safe online games.

Nice blog. thank you a lot

It is really hard to find safe and quality content for kids.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

thanks share! it’s useful n’ good for Kids!

i think, beside of search good flashgames for kids, we need to know how to admin the way kids use the computer and internet. it’s be came dangerous when they use wrong way.

Games are the medium of imparting education. Through the medium of this post we came across few points which can help your kids in increasing his mind level of thinking ans understanding every aspect of life as well as problems.

This game is so awesome!!!!! So happy it’s gone free!!!!! I’m telling everyone I know!!!!! 5 Stars all the way!!!!!!

Educational games are the best choice from where a child can learn something different which will surely help him to grow bigger mentally and these games are available in good websites for kids.

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