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Christmas board games for all the family

Posted on: December 14, 2009

board games

board games

Christmas holidays are a time to play family board games, never so in vogue as this year.

Tombola and not only: the Christmas holidays are a time of social and family board games, never so in vogue as this year. There are some new entries this year among board games as the new  Force 4X4 and Clue Harry Potter, but the evergreen classics board games are always the most played games, with millions of fans around the world.

Beginning with the dear old Monopoly, with the little green houses,  so worldwide famous that Ridley Scott is adapting it into a movie. Monopoly, distributed by Hasbro,  has incredible numbers: it was played by some 750 million people since 1935, making the “most played board game in history .

Starting in 1935, has sold over 250 million copies of Monopoly in 106 countries and 40 languages. Have been published over 200 editions of the game, but the most popular is the classic number nine which is based on the streets of Atlantic City and is nearly identical to the original version by Charles Darrow presented to Parker Brothers. 74 years of history always renewed: from simple board games iPhone application has become the most downloaded, for PC.

In 1998 jeweller Sidney Mobell has created the version most valuable in the world: a Monopoly all gold and precious stones from the value of 2 million.

Among the board games pole position on the shelves for this Christmas we have the classic Blokus, and Chaturanga, who returns this year with a new version and the game becomes even more fun thanks to the presence of sound effects that will recognize the different parts aching.

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