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Clever Games and the social development of the child

Posted on: June 18, 2009


Games are very important during the child’s growth, and for this reason is very important promote clever gaming activities to our kids. On a social level, children start to develop their gaming activities in three different stages:

  1. Individual games; is typical of new born babies  and it doesn’t involve any social interaction;
  2. Collateral games, children between 1 and three years start to find the firsts gaming interactions with their contemporaries, but the game still remains individual;
  3. Group games, children between four and five years start to develop more complex interactions during the gaming activities and the gaming group became a micro-universe in which children start to experiment the firsts social relations and to understand group dynamics functioning.

Besides, children’s gaming activities are important for the evolutionary development of the child for these two main reasons:

  1. With  the gaming activities, children start to discover the external reality, the unknown world that is still out of his reach;
  2. Gaming activities help children to be in control of their internal word made of passions, instincts, and to find the perfect balance between this world and the external one.

With clever games children can discover, understand, know new things, manage their needs and follow their interests.
Children need positive experiences, harmony and love: gaming activities can favourite all those important emotions.
These are alle the important reasons  why gaming activities are considered not only as the best way for children to develop their emotions and feelings, but also as  the best  knowledge tools to discover the unknown world.

Clever Games for Clever People

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4 Responses to "Clever Games and the social development of the child"

You’re probably right on some level.

Although there’s a BIG part of me though that is mystified by today’s parents needs to mold every moment of their childs psyche. I am of the belief that it’s pretty fun to watch kids come up with their own games and activities. I don’t think children need to be spoonfed quite as often as we as a culture are made to believe…their cleverness, creativity, and wit is stunning all on its own.

Bon Voyage!

Hi Forrester,
I tottaly agree with yuo when you say “let the children” play.
My intention was not to say that parents must alwais thake part and push some kind of gaming activities to their children.
I think, just like you, that parents should leave to the children some unplanned spare time for free gaming activities.
In a nutshell: “let the children play”.

Au Revoir!

Ah! I misunderstood you! Funny. I’m trying to make myself get out there and speak my mind. Ha! Parenting is such a dear and private venture that I hesitate to ever say anything. You were kind in your reply!

Thanks, Cheers, and Au Revoir!!!

Hi Forrester, I’m glad we have found a common ground!
I think either that parenting is the hardest job of the world.
Thanks for this brief debate, come visit me again,
your comments are really interesting… I would like to hear your point of view again.

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