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Extreme Brain Teasers

  • 1. Hard Sudoku.

This Sudoku was generated with a special software; I think  this is one of the hardest versions of this popular math brain teaser.
It looks impossible at first, but I guarantee: there is a solution!
It gave me hard time, but I did it!
Can you solve it?


Play Sudoku

Best places to play Sudoku online:
Web Sudoku
Flash Sudoku

  • 2. Einstein goldfish famous quiz.

Albert EinsteinThe famous and controversial German physic wrote this quiz in the first years of the 20th century, saying that probably 98% of population couldn’t solve it.

Do you think you’re in the 2% of smart people able to solve this riddle ?
Prove it!

In a street there are five houses painted with five different colours. In each house lives one person of different nationality, and each one of these persons drinks a different drink, smokes a different brand of cigarettes and as a different domestic pet.


  1. The English man lives in a red house.
  2. The Swedish guy has a dog.
  3. The Danish fellow drinks tea.
  4. The green house is on the left of the white house.
  5. The owner of the green house drinks coffee.
  6. The person who smokes Pall Mall has some birds.
  7. The Owner of the yellow house smokes MS.
  8. The man who lives in the central house drinks milk.
  9. The Norwegian person lives in the first house.
  10. The man who Smokes Bluns lives next door to the guy who owns cats.
  11. The man with the horses, lives nearby the guy who smokes MS.
  12. The fellow who Smokes Blue Masters drinks beer
  13. The German guy smokes Prins.
  14. The Norwegian man leaves near the blue house.
  15. The man smoking Bluns has a next door neighbour who drinks water.

Who owns the goldfish?
Good work!


3. Logic Riddle

What’s the logic behind these numbers?

  • 1561 156,1 17,3444444444444444444444444444444
  • 2,180555555555555555555555555555
  • 0,331507936507936507936507857
    Those numbers are in this order for a precise reason.
    can you tell Why?
    Good work!


  • 4. Famous riddle: The wolf, the sheep and cabbage



    The river-crossing brainteaser is a classic logic riddle. It’s  very old and famous, but still tricky.
    This riddle is so old that dates back to Charlemagne period. In fact the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was a big fan of logic and math puzzles and commissioned one of the first puzzle book of the history.The book is called “Problems to Sharpen the Young” and was written with the intent of make math and logical thought more interesting for young people.

    The river-crossing brainteaser was one of Charlemagne  favourite riddle:

    A farmer has to transport from one side of a river to the other  a sheep, a wolf and a cabbage, but he has a boat with only two seats. He has to face a logic problem: if left alone together, the goat will eat the cabbage and the wolf will eat the goat.
    How can the farmer bring to the other side of the river the sheep, the wolf and the cabbage?

24 Responses to "Extreme Brain Teasers"

I Got an answer or a guess anyways. lol
the Norwegian who lives in the yellow house ,smokes Ms, and drinks Beer!
Is that Right?

That was Fun thanks 4 the riddle

i still dont understand clue #12&13?

i got the answer.. its the german guy.

I don think your answer is correct because it says that the person that drinks beer smokes blue masters however I could also be wrong just a thought!

The answer is “Master”
The Norwegian who lives in the yellow house and smokes MS !
Cause he drinks Beer!


Hi S King,
I’m sorry the 13th clue was incomplete: the complete clue is “the man who smokes masters drinks beer”.
Probabbly is for this reason that you gave the wrong answers.
My bad, I’m really sorry. 🙂
I can give you the correct answer on your mail if you want!

Yes Please. I did it again and got the norwegian, lol
oh well bottom 98% not 2 bad huh?
I still enjoy doing them thanks

hi.. i give up, whats the answer, and if possible how do you get to it?

cheers rudi (from norway)

Very good work, interesting post, bookmarked !

is the German guy that owns the goldfish….. 😉 🙂 😉

Right answer! 🙂
congraturations Mark, you was the frist to solve the Logic riddle.
Now I’m gonna post something harder to solve.

Really interesting brain teasers and riddles here! I Enjoyed the sudoku 🙂

Danish owns goldfish,smokes bluns,blue house,drinks tea.
phew !!!!

Nice and smooth 🙂

Diablo got it wrong. It’s the german, although the Danish is the key to the puzzle. Checked and rechecked. It’s the only way.

Like the site
My answer to Einstein Quiz is:
gold-fish belongs to the German in the green house who drinks coffee and smokes Prins.
In Clue 14 correct leaves to lives
Please mail me if answer is correct or not.
Any more classic type quizes?

Is the answer to Einstien’s riddle The German guy who drinks coffee smokes prins and has a goldfish! please let me know by email thanks

yup right answer

Hi There Clevergames,
In addition to your post I was wondering, If you read the words brain and training you may think, oh no that sounds like work. But that’s the beauty of brain training games. They are designed to train the brain through game playing. And who doesn’t enjoy some kind of game?
Nice One!

hey, i got the answer to d wolf, sheep and cabbage.
see, at first, the farmer will take the sheep with him to the other side of the lake…..
den, he’ll be back 2 d other side….he’ll take the wolf to the other side with him………
he’ll leav the wolf der and take d sheep with him 2 d other side…and leav it der.take d cabbage and come back 2 d other side.leav it der with d wolf.
come back 2 the other side………take the cabbage and return to the othr….

The answer is “Master”
The Norwegian who lives in the yellow house and smokes MS !
Cause he drinks Beer!

Einsteins puzzle ends up like this:

1, Yellow, Norwegian, MS, Water, Cats
2, Blue, Danish, Bluns, Tea, Horses
3, Red, English, Pall Mall, Milk, Birds
4, Green, German, Prins, Coffee, Goldfish
5, White, Swedish, Blue Masters, Beer, Dog

…so, the German owns the goldfish.

i think the answer of the 4 one is first he will take his,cabbage and wolf and then the sheep ,if it is wrong leave a reply.:):p

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